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Welcome to — a book reviews blog that I created in 2009 when I first started to chat online about the books I read. I’m based in Ireland and Izzy Reads is a persona that I use to separate my passion for books from my other blogs. Mostly I read fiction, but I also like political biographies, history and current affairs. I’m a bit of a technology nerd so I also review some tech books and the occasional business title.

Throughout this site, I’ve tried to be consistent in how I use tags and categories to make it easier to find stuff if you’re looking for thrillers or best sellers or books by a particular author.

Tags are where you’ll find authors and categories are where you’ll find genres on

If you have your own book reviews blog, I’d love to connect with you on social media. You’ll find me tweeting @izzy_reads (I know, terrible underscore but someone else beat me to the twitter handle).

If you are a publisher, you’ll find me on Netgalley. I also use the Edelweiss service from time to time. If you are an author, the best way to contact me is through your publisher.

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