Media encyclopedia edited by Marcel Danesi

Danesi explains he has brought together what he believes to be “absolutely essential knowledge” within the discipline drawing on interdisciplinary domains such as anthropology, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, sociology and semiotics. The aim is to provide perspectives that are not available elsewhere in media studies and in so far as there is a quest in the work, it is a quest for meaning.

As a general reader, I particularly enjoyed the sections on adventure stories, advertising and propaganda while the Timelines at the end of the book are a serendipitous joy.

Since there are no ‘chapters’ in an Encyclopedia, this is an instance where I recommend purchasing the print rather than the Kindle edition so as to facilitate browsing and dipping in and out of the content.

Encyclopedia of Media and Communication edited by Marcel Danesi is published by the University of Toronto Press. ISBN 9781442611696. Price CAD$45.00 (Paperback). (Disclosure — a free review copy was made available via