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Thank you for visiting IzzyReads.com. This site began as useful place to share information on the books that I enjoy. I hope that you find some recommendations here that you like and that you will enjoy your visit.

My book choices are influenced by friends and by reviews. I love to read the books pages in the newspapers at the weekend and I keep my To Be Read ( TBR ) list is always longer than the time I have available for reading.

I am a member of a very informal book club that gets together about once a month to drink wine and chat about books. If you’re interested, here are some tips on how to set up your own book club.


All content on this site is my own (unless otherwise noted), and I hold the copyright thereto.Short quotations that are within the bounds of copyright restrictions can be used on book jackets and other promotional material. Please attribute all quotations to izzyreads.com


I do not accept sponsorship or payment to review books. If I receive an Advance Review Copy from a publisher, this is disclosed on individual blog posts.

Advance Review Copies: izzyreads.com occasionally receives Advance Review Copies (ARC) of books free of charge for review on izzyreads.com. Where a book is received in this way for review on izzyreads.com, a disclosure is included at the end of the review.

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IzzyReads.com is based in Ireland. I review mostly literary and contemporary American, British and Irish fiction as well as political and literary memoirs, biography, history and poetry. See also Izzy Reads Review Policy.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site.  Thanks so much for stopping by.