New fiction titles that caught my eye in January 2014

Today, I want to focus on new fiction titles that have caught my eye because a couple of authors whose work I have enjoyed in the past have new titles on the shelves at the moment.

Among them is Mitch Albom whose latest novel, The First Phone Call from Heaven, is the story of Sully Harding — a single father who sets out to discover whether the phone calls that residents of a small town on Lake Michigan in the United States are receiving phone calls from the afterlife are a hoax.

I was surprised to find that Ian Rankin has new Rebus novel out at the moment as I thought that the Rebus series had ended with Exit Music which was published back in 2007 but in fact his latest title, Saints of the Shadow Bible is actually his second novel to appear since then — the other being Standing in Another Man’s Grave.

The Danish TV series Borgen opened my mind to drama and fiction from Northern Europe and a Danish author that I plan to try for the first time this year is Jussi Adler Olson who has quite a few titles in the crime/thriller genre that look promising.

For the moment, though, these new fiction titles are all on hold until I get through Donna Tartt’s fabulous old-fashioned story The Goldfinch which — at a whopping 800+ pages — could take some time!