Izzy Reads Book Blog Review Policy |

Please take the time to read this Izzy Reads Book Blog Review Policy to prevent any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

Pitches: I’m based in Ireland and I am open to receiving pitches from publishers, publicists, and authors in Ireland, the United Kingdom and elsewhere however my time is limited and I cannot guarantee to cover your book.

Unsolicited books: I am open to unsolicited author review copies, early finished copies, and backlist books. There is no guarantee that these will be reviewed, but if they catch my interest, I will read and review them.

Review copies/Galleys: Where I have received a free copy of a book for review from an author or publisher, that information is disclosed in the review. This includes advance review copies.

Genres: I don’t read and review everything. In particular:

  • I rarely review self-published books;
  • I do not review religions books, erotica, horror, trade, science fiction, chick-lit, children’s books, self-help books;
  • I do not review audio books;
  • I usually accept literary fiction, contemporary fiction and books by Irish authors;
  • I will definitely consider political memoirs, literary memoirs, biography and some history.
  • I will definitely consider poetry.

What happens to the book when I’m finished? I do not sell my review copies or ARCs. I may pass them on to another person to read  unless I’m aware of objections to this.

Nature of reviews: My reviews are usually concise and subjective. They convey my honest response to the work and may contain references to and/or comparisons with other works by the same author, by authors in the same genre, etc. My reviews are in no way affected by the source of the book (bought, borrowed, or review copy). Depending on the type of book, I may explore themes, writing style, plot, or character development as well as my thoughts about the work in general.

Review schedule: I aim to post one or two reviews each month, depending on my reading time and book length.

Review extras: I am open to conducting author interviews.

What if I can’t finish the book?  Some books just don’t hold my attention or interest. If I can’t get finish a book, I do not post any kind of review.

Blog stats: Contact me for details.

Compensation: I receive no compensation for any review that appears on this blog. I am a member of Amazon Affliates.

What do I hope to get, besides the chance to read a book? I enjoy reading and chatting about books with other book enthusiasts. It is an added bonus when an author, publicist, and/or publisher promotes my review by posting a link on Twitter and on their own blog or website.

Copyright issues: With the exception of book covers, all content (text and photos) is my own (unless otherwise noted), and I hold the copyright thereto. If you would like to post my reviews on another site, you must contact me first. I almost always agree, but I need to know where my work is being published, and I expect a link back to my own blog. Short quotations that are within the bounds of copyright restrictions can be used on book jackets and other promotional material. Please attribute all quotations to izzyreads.com

Contact: You may reach me here.

This Izzy Reads Book Blog Review Policy is updated from time to time.