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Thanks for visiting the Izzy Reads book blog. Izzy Reads is a persona I developed in 2009 when I first started blogging about books. Back then, I was working full time and wanted to keep blogging separate from my professional work. Reading is my escape. I’ve always been a reader. I enjoy fiction, history, politics, biographies and current affairs. I read also read business books and some general non-fiction.

I’m based just outside Dublin, Ireland. You’ll often find me at book-related events and I belong to several online and offline book clubs.


I do not accept sponsorship or payment to review books. If I receive an Advance Review Copy from a publisher, this is disclosed on individual blog posts.

Finding authors and genres on this book blog

To help you find authors or books reviewed on this site, I’ve tried to be consistent in how I use tags and categories. Tags are where you’ll find authors and categories are where you’ll find genres on izzyreads.com.

Publisher or publicist?

If you are a publisher and use Netgalley or Edelweiss, you will find me on both of those services. Please use the contact form on this website for more details.

Are you an author?

If you are an author looking to connect with Irish book bloggers, the best way to contact me is through your publisher. Please note that due to the volume of requests, I cannot reply to all requests for reviews from self-published authors.

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Hopefully, you’ll find some of the book reviews here interesting. If you have a book blog yourself or if you’d like to connect with me you’ll find me on Goodreads and @Izzy_Reads.

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