One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

When I came across a description of Tina Seskis One Step Too Far on Netgalley a couple of weeks ago I was sufficiently interested to request an Advance Readers Copy (ARC) and take a closer look. The well-written opening scene of this novel by Tina Seskis provokes curiosity and will keep you reading to find out what has driven the main character, Emily Coleman, to run away from home. Why has Emily become “good at crying silently” and why does her husband not love her any more?

Characterisation and plot are both strong and as the story unfolds  we learn more about Emily’s family — her husband Ben, her mother Frances who never bonded with Emily’s dysfunctional twin sister Caroline, her philandering father, Andrew. Emily is a complex character — sometimes likeable, sometimes hateful, often capable but also foolish. She’s running away but she finds that she cannot completely leave her former life behind.

Points of view and tense shift in One Step Too Far and time moves forwards and backwards which can be confusing for an inattentive reader but the plot, while it stretches belief at times, is compelling enough to keep you turning the pages. The final twist comes as a surprise that may leave some readers feeling cheated but overall I found this an entertaining and enjoyable read.

One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis is published by Kirk Parolles. ISBN: 0957544324 (ISBN13: 9780957544321). An Advance Readers Copy (ARC) was provided via].