Natural Alternatives to HRT by Marilyn Glenville

About ten years ago, I picked up a book called Natural Alternatives to Dieting and with it, I got a free copy of Natural Alternatives to HRT. At that time, I had a quick scan of the HRT book, read a list of symptoms and thought well, I definitely don’t have that.

Familiar symptoms

I forgot all the book until some years later, at a point in my life where I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, feeling quite jumpy and stressed. I had seen my GP and asked for a referral for counselling which he talked me out of. Instead, he told me to take a few days off work and have a rest. I was glad of the break from work but really felt no better at the end of a week off.

Then, it suddenly dawned on me that the way I was feeling was not unlike how I had felt at the start of menstruation when hormones were in disarray. It got me wondering, and I dug out Marilyn Glenville’s book Natural Alternatives to HRT for another look. Sure enough, this time, many of the symptoms were familiar. It was a tremendous relief actually. I wasn’t cracking up. I was probably in perimenopause. Just knowing that, helped me to relax and get over it.

There is a lot of sensible advice in this book – some of which I have taken, some of which I haven’t. What I like about it is that it puts managing menopause into a zone where you can take some steps to control the emotional and physical chaos.

If you’re embarking on the journey, and in need of a guide, you could do a lot worse than start with this one.

I recommend it.

Quick Win Digital Marketing by Annmarie Hanlon & Joanna Akins

When it comes to digital marketing, I’m reasonably savvy for a woman my age. You’ll find me on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook. I blog as you can see – and on more blogs than this one.  I try to optimise for the search engines, I’m nerdy about my analytics. I play around with Google Adsense and Adwords. I’ve got a couple of RSS feeds. I’ve bought a few domains, built a few websites. By comparison with a lot of my friends, I’m pretty far up the digital tree.

Learning by doing

Above everything else, I believe in learning by doing. Maybe all that makes me the perfect reader for Quick Win Digital Marketing but what I loved about this book is that I learned from it.

It gave me some ideas for places to list that I might not have discovered for myself and it provided reassurance that a lot of what I have been doing is along the right lines.

It’s such a quick and easy read that it is well worth picking up a copy – I got through the entire book in about an hour and a half. If you are interested in promoting your work on the Interweb you really should take a look at this. It’s one of those books that you’ll go back and flick through again. Doubtless the digital world will move on quickly, but for now, this would make a great gift for anyone with an interest in promoting themselves online. You can buy it from the publisher’s website – Oak Tree Press

Mad World : Evelyn Waugh and the Lygons of Brideshead by Paula Byrne

Evelyn Waugh, the English author best known for his novels A Handful of Dust and Brideshead Revisited, is the subject of a new biography by Paula Byrne.

Mad World : Evelyn Waugh and the Lygons of Brideshead (or Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead) is a  very engaging and readable biography.

It sent me back to re-read Waugh – especially A Handful of Dust, Brideshead Revisited, and the Sword of Honour trilogy. I also bought the DVD box set of the original ITV Brideshead Revisited series after reading this book.

If  enjoyed Downton Abbey and haven’t already seen Brideshead Revisited, do check it out.

As for Byrne’s biography. I enjoyed it.