Dr Sabina Brennan’s practical tips on beating brain fog

From time to time, Dr Sabina Brennan pops on the radio discussing topics like brain health, ageing and dementia. She has the knack of making science accessible and explaining how it can help people navigate practical problems in their daily lives. So, when I saw her new book in to the village bookshop, I had to pop in for a browse. It took me less than a minute to decide to buy it.

Beating Brain Fog promises a ’30-day plan to think faster, sharper and better’. It’s a very easy read—well-organised and packed with checklists and practical advice to help you understand and improve how your brain works.

Dr Brennan explains how learning to manage sleep, stress, exercise and nutrition helps achieve better brain health. She provides tools to identify issues that the reader may need to work on, whether that’s improving memory and decision-making or controlling anxiety and managing stress. She suggests lots of practical actions that can easily be incorporated into daily activity and even includes a couple of nutritious recipes to support brain-health.

This is a fascinating read. Even if you don’t have brain fog, it’s thought-provoking. I recommend it.

Beating Brain Fog : Your 30-day plan to think, faster, sharper, better is published by Orion Spring.