Look Behind You – Domestic Thriller by Sibel Hodge

Every so often I like to find a fast read with a strong plot and believable characters and that is exactly what Sibel Hodge delivers in Look Behind You.

My sister is a crime fiction fan and this is one of the titles in her Kindle library. We recently set up family sharing and I’m getting to read some of the books that she has purchased over the last few years.

I hadn’t heard of Sibel Hodge before and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself engrossed from the first page of Look Behind You.

Chloe Benson is trapped — possibly underground — with her arms and legs bound and an injury to her head. But how did she get there? And how is she going to escape?

Things don’t look to good for Chloe, especially when she finds what she thinks is a human bone. When she does manage to escape, her problems are only beginning. This is a domestic thriller with the husband apparently in the frame from the off. But that’s if Chloe can be believed. And neither the police nor her doctors are convinced.

Sibel Hodge does a good job of keeping you guessing to the end. Look Behind You is a short read. A good one for the beach if you’re looking for some holiday reading.

The Kindle edition of Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge is published by Thomas & Mercer, 2014. 289 pp.